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Danielle Twichel is a mixed-media artist from Tacoma, Washington. She explores many different mediums from watercolor, to henna, to machine tattoo and polymer clay.
While working on her undergrad at PLU she enjoyed taking classes such as ceramics and color theory, and outside of school she followed her passion for the art of mehndi; studying it and sharing its beauty at festivals, craft fairs, and farmer's markets such as the Puyallup Farmer's Market and the Ruston Way Farmer's Market.

Now, Danielle is pursuing a career in international education and continues to be artistically inspired by her travels. She especially enjoys creating work that links humans back to nature, exploring themes that include animals, bright colors, and whimsical properties. Tattoo and Mehndi (henna tattoo) are here favorite mediums because she sees creating them as a collaborative act between the artist and the recipient.

She believes that in any lifestyle or circumstance, art is a precious tool for expression and that the act of sharing art with one another is one of the most sincere forms of compassion.