About Danielle

<strong><span style="color: #FFA500;"><em>About Danielle</em></span></strong>

Danielle Twichel is currently studying Art and Hispanic Studies at Pacific Lutheran University. While she has always loved being creative, she gained her first professional artistic experience as a member of the Fife Public Arts Commission, where she served for four years.

Born and raised in Tacoma, she loves the Pacific Northwest, but does not restrict herself to the borders of her homeland. Her passion for global exploration inspires her artwork, and she has studied fine arts in both South America and Europe.

Danielle´s material selection ranges from drawing to painting, sculpture, and photography. However, her favorite media is something she learned outside of school. A self-taught henna artist, Danielle works as professional henna "tattoo" artist at local events, farmer's markets, and personal appointments.