Danielle Twichel Artist Statement

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I find that an artist should always have a work in progress. But more so, I find that as an artist I am a work in progress. This means that my life entails a perpetual voyage in finding technique, individual style, and meaning in my work.
As such I remember to maintain an inquisitive nature and to absorb information in full measure. Each new experience is like a fresh shade of paint, which mixes with the soul and is breathed into something new.
The trial of an artist is learning how to constantly generate inspiration. At this point in my life, I encounter it in the prospect of travelling. For this reason, the incorporation of wings, most often presented via avian creatures, conveys the wanderlust that feeds my artistic pursuits.
This is especially evident in my piece Cuero y cuervo. It is a charcoal self-portrait with crow-like additions, set within the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Here, I capture my contemplation of flying to parts unknown.
Art like this gives me the ability to reflect on my daydreams, which are brimming with ideas of global exploration. I discover that supporting these dreams help me to develop my personal work in progress.